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CM-550 is a controller that includes a MCU, DYNAMIXEL TTL Comunication board, BLE Slave communication module, Gyro Accelerometer, Temperature sensor, Buzzer, RGB LED, Sensor ports, MIC, etc.

BLE slave module is included.

With Micro USB Port, it can connect via PC and USB comm.

Package Components
CM-550 1
Micro USB Cable 1
H/W Specifications
Weight 58.8g
CPU ARM Cortex-M4
Operating Voltage 6.5V ~ 15V (Recommended 11.1V)
Current Consumption Standby : 50mA
Port 1~2 I/O Max : 0.5A
Port 3~5 I/O Max : 0.02A
Total Max Current : 10A (Fuse)
Operating Temperature -5℃~70
Communication Module BLE Slave Module
Internal I/O Device Button : 2(MODE, START)
MIC(Sound Detection) : 1
Buzzer : 1
Voltage Sensor : 1
Gyro Accelerometer : 1
Temperature Sensor : 1
External I/O Devices 5 Pin I/O Port : 5
X-Series DYNAMIXEL Port (3p) : 6
Compatible Products

DYANAMIXEL: X-Series Dynamixel

Sensor:  IR Sensor, DMS Sensor, Touch Sensor, Magnetic Sensor, Color Sensor,Illuminance sensor, Temperature Sensor, Temperature-humidity sensor.

Etc : Servo Motor, LED Module

* RS-485 Model and DYNAMIXEL AX / DX / RX / XL-320 / EX-series, PRO-series are not compatible 

Payment information
Payment description Original Price (HKD) Total Price(HKD) Services Fee(HKD)
Direct bank transferHK$980.00HK$980.00HK$0.00
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