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Color Sensor for Mi Rabbit

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The robot is used to perceive the eyes of the world.
Color recognition | gray scale recognition | wireless connection

The new upgrade of the programming system, so you have fun and impressive

The addition of the color sensor makes the m rabbit building blocks robots become smarter, cooler and more fun. Of course, these games are needed through the programming mode
achieve. You can use the new on-line color module to reproduce the fun of the video play, you can also use the phone to respond to changes in the sound decibels with the machine
People interact. More than that, the programming model also contains endless fun waiting for you to find.


Innovative wireless connection mode, let you give full play to imagination

Innovative wireless connection mode, let the rice rabbit building blocks the robot color sensor and the master wireless connection, not subject to the interface constraints. A master can be up to the same.
When the connection of 16 color sensors, give you a higher degree of freedom of modeling, so you give full play to the imagination, with color sensor with rice rabbit building blocks robot of the different shapes to achieve more play.

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